Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today's LO

Here are the 2, yes, only 2 LO's I did yesterday at the Crop for Autism!! I'm really happy, but 2 LO's in 12 hours is pretty sad...LOL! We all had a GREAT time and crop was a complete success! Over $2000 was raised for the Santa Clarita Autism Asperger Network (SCAAN).
Here's some more photos from the day....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Crop for Autism

Tomorrow is the Crop for Autism! I'm really excited for the crop! I will be there croppin' and helping out! My friend Sara is putting this event together and this is the 2nd annual crop. It's gettin' bigger each year. If you'd like to make a donation ore learn more about this orgination please click here.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Yeah....I got one of these in my hot little hands!!! I'm so excited! It is just the coolest thing ever. It's my new favorite tool!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Bazzill Albums 6 x 12! Too cool....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Our Trip to California Adventures in Pictures

Friday, April 21, 2006

California Adventure....

Yeah, were going to California Adventure today.... You'd think I'd be tired of amusement parks already, since we just went to Walt Disney World a few months ago, but NOPE!!! I love 'em!!!
I'm sure there will be tons of pictures taken and I will definitely share them!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

To Honor my Friend!

Cause I don't tell you often enough how special you are!!! I love ya girl!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Random Photos....

Some random photos I took over the past few weeks....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Weekend....

Dying Easter eggs, Playing at the park and Easter egg hunt......

One Page at a Time May Kit is up!

May Product List:
5 Sheets Bazzill Cardstock
6 Double-Sided Dulce Collection Patterned Paper from A2Z Essentials
4 Double-Sided Patterned Cardstock~ Poolside Collection from Chatterbox
1 A2Z Essentials Dulce Die Cut Sheet
1 Maya Road Tin of Round Slides~Qty 6 per tin
7 Really BIG Bazzill Brads~Various Sizes
1 box of white alpha Chip Chatter chipboard letters from Pressed Petals
3 Yards Ribbon/Rick Rack.

Robot Chicken

If you grew up in the 80's you'll get this show...I LOVE it!!! But then again, I love sick humor.
Here's more about the show:

Robot Chicken is an American stop motion animated television series created by Stoopid Monkey and Sony Pictures Digital, currently airing as a part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup. It premiered on Sunday, February 20, 2005. Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are the creators and executive producers of the show.

Each show consists of a short frame story (which is similar from show to show), wrapped around an unrelated story which changes from show to show. The frame story, seen during the show's opening credits, recounts the life of the eponymous Robot Chicken. It was a regular chicken who was run over by a car (presumably while crossing the road) and was brought back to life in cyborg form. Its 'creator', a mad scientist named Fritz Huhnmorder ("Huhnmörder" is German for "chicken killer"), now forces Robot Chicken to watch a random selection of television shows as an act of 'torture' in parody of A Clockwork Orange and Mystery Science Theater 3000. The main focus of the show are the "TV shows" Robot Chicken watches.

Using Jackass-ish acts of stupidity and random acts of violence and senselessness, Robot Chicken is a variety show that parodies a number of pop culture conventions using stop motion animation of toys, action figures, dolls, and claymation. The show's name was inspired by a dish on the menu at a Chinese restaurant where Green and Senreich had dined.

A number of celebrities have done voice acting for the series, including the entire casts of That 70's Show and Family Guy, as well as Ryan Seacrest, members of 'N Sync, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mark Hamill, Scarlett Johansson, Don Knotts, Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and Phyllis Diller.

The show's theme song was composed and performed by Les Claypool of Primus, and he sings the song's only lyrics, "It's alive!", in typical Frankenstein fashion. The ending theme of the show is a portion of the infamous Muzak named "The Gonk" from George Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978) clucked by a chorus of chickens.

This show was inspired by the comedy antics of Twisted Mego Theatre (now called Twisted ToyFare Theater), which appears monthly in Toyfare Magazine, which is published by Gareb Shamus' company, Wizard Entertainment. Matthew Senreich, as of this writing, still works in various capacities with Wizard Entertainment.

The first season finale of Robot Chicken aired on Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 12:00 am EST on Adult Swim. A special Christmas episode featuring characters from the popular anime series Dragonball Z aired at midnight on Thursday, December 22, 2005. Season 2 began on April 2, 2006.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Silly Straw

This LO is of my friend Araxi's son Alex. We went to lunch a few weeks ago and he was just having so much fun with the straw in his drink.....What a face this kid has!!!

Bounce Dryer Sheets *Stuff you didn't know*

My firend Janeen sent this to me and I thought it was blog worthy.....Just some helpful hints! Check it out...

1. All this time you've just been putting Bounce in the dryer! It will chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice.

2. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that are sitting and it keeps mice from entering your vehicle.

3. It takes the odor out of books and photo albums that don't get opened too often.

4. It repels mosquitoes. Tie a sheet of Bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season.

5. Eliminate static electricity from your television (or computer) screen.

6. Since Bounce is designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe your television screen with a used sheet of Bounce of keep dust from resettling.

7. Dissolve soap scum from shower doors. Clean with a sheet of Bounce.

8. To freshen the air in your home - Place an individual sheet of Bounce in a drawer or hang in the closet.

9. Put Bounce sheet in vacuum cleaner.

10. Prevent thread from tangling. Run a threaded needle through a sheet of Bounce before beginning to sew.

11. Prevent musty suitcases. Place an individual sheet of Bounce inside empty luggage before storing.

12. To freshen the air in your car - Place a sheet of Bounce under the front seat.

13. Clean baked-on foods from a cooking pan. Put a sheet in a pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean. The anti-static agent apparently weakens the bond between the food and the pan.

14. Eliminate odors in wastebaskets. Place a sheet of Bounce at the bottom of the wastebasket.

15. Collect pet hair. Rubbing the area with a sheet of Bounce will magnetically attract all the loose hairs.

16. Eliminate static electricity from Venetian blinds. Wipe the blinds with a sheet of Bounce to prevent dust from resettling.

17. Wipe up sawdust from drilling or sand papering. A used sheet of Bounce will collect sawdust like a tack cloth.

18. Eliminate odors in dirty laundry. Place an individual sheet of Bounce at the bottom of a laundry bag or hamper.

19. Deodorize shoes or sneakers. Place a sheet of Bounce in your shoes or sneakers overnight.

20. Golfers put a Bounce sheet in their back pocket to keep the bees away.

21. Put a Bounce sheet in your sleeping bag and tent before folding and storing them. It will keep them smelling fresh.

22. Quick, bounce this on within the next 5 minutes!

Nothing will happen if you don't, but your friends will be glad to
these hints!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Todays LO....


Monday, April 10, 2006

3 Bugs in a Rug

Well, I didn't make the design team, but it looks think they have a great bunch of girls! congrats to all that made it.... Here are my entries....

A Trip to Descanso Gardens

Yesterday Susy, Marissa & I went to the Descanso Gardens to take photo for our photography class projects. It was so beautiful there. I didn't realize how big is was. I can't wait to go back again...So beautiful and all the colors were amazing.... Here are some of the photos I took.

Ass2 IMG_3952 Ass6 IMG_3792Ass4 Ass5 Ass3 IMG_3801IMG_3806 IMG_3878 IMG_3917 IMG_3960