Monday, July 31, 2006

The Latest...

Just finished this one up. Capella & I acting silly..... Capella scrapped the same pic you can see her version here!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dinner @ Bloomies & Scrappin'!

Just finished this one up tonight. Capella, Ang & I got together tonight for a quick dinner @ Bloomies! then Capella & I got our scrap on for a little bit!!! Ang took this picture of me tonight in my bedroom. Thanks Ang......

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Few New LO's

These are my DT contributions for NEW August One Page at a Time.

I think were in HELL!

My friend Ang came over today to scrap, but there was no scrappin' going here today!!!! It was 122 degrees here!!! Can you believe that shiznit!! Record breaking day!!! It's hasn't been that hot here in over 100 years!!! When we got in to Ang's car and I looked at the temp gauge thingy that tells you how hot it is outside and I was like...Ang... that this isn't working...It says 122 degrees!!! When we got back to my house we put on the TV and the news was on talking about all the record breaking temps we had today, and sure enough.....They said it was currently 119!!! AT 5 o'clock at night!!!

Ok, so why didn't we scrap??? Cause were were having brown outs! If you don't know what that is, it's when they reduce the power and your lights go on very dim. So, the FREAKIN air would not stay kept popping the circuit breakers!!! OUT OF CONTROL!!!!So Ang and I hit up a bunch of Targets to get those infamous document boxes!!! We bought 'em all out!!!...Then we went out to eat and went to the movies!!! NO SCRAPPING GOING ON HERE!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's All About FASHION! *Contest*

FashionContestPhotos copy
CherryArte Prize Product List:
12 Sheets CherryArte patterned paper: 6 sheets "Party Days"; 6 sheet "Tropics"
8 Sheets Bazzill Cardstock~ 3 out of 8 are "Mini Scalloped" paper
2 Packages Deluxe Designs Plain Janes Chipboard: Seventies #1; Flowers #3
2 Packages Junkitz Flowerz
1 Sheet Chatterbox Jumbo Alpha Stickers~ Red
1 Bag Button Bonanza~ Primary
1 Package Sassafras Lass Clear Stamps~ Doodled Borders
3 Bazzill Policy Envelopes- Brown
1 Package We R Memory Keepers Extra Large Snaps
1 Package Basic Grey Magnetic Snaps
1 Junkitz Accodion Mantel Book

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This is so BEAUTIFUL...It made me cry! You have to watch it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

August 2006 Kit Product List:
6 Sheets of KI Memories "Devoted" patterned paper
2 Sheets of CherryArte patterned paper- Pink Hatch & Summer Green
1 Sheet MAMBI "Chester" patterned paper- Green Sayings
6 Sheets Bazzill Cardstock
1 Fancy Pancy BIG Board 6x6 Chipboard Flower- (flower may vary)
1 Maya Road Chipboard Blossom Book
1 Pack KI Memories "Devoted" Hip Chip Accents- 20 pieces
1 Pack KI Memories "Devoted" Essentials Cardstock Stickers
1 Pack KI Memories Alphablox Cardstock Stickers
1 Pack Chatterbox Borders Rub-Ons "Rosey"
3 Yards Ribbon
1 Yard White Rick Rack
1 Bottle Acrylic Paint 2oz. (color may vary: pink, green, brown, red)
1 Foam Brush
3 Pieces Felt 4x6 in size each (colors: blue, apple green, pink)
6 Clear Buttons
6 Queen & Co Fab Flowers
4 Bazzill Blooms (Pink, Blue, Red, White)
3 Really BIG Bazzill Ribbon Brad- 25mm
9 Really BIG Bazzill Brads- 3- 18mm; 6- 10mm

August 2006 Add-On Product List:
1 KI Memories "Devoted" Gel Candy
1 Pack Sassafras Lass "Doodled Borders" Clear Stamps
1 Junkitz "Flowerz"- Tomato
25 Buttons (Assorted Colors to match)
5 Pieces Basic Grey "Un-Dressed Hardware" (pieces may vary)

Dinner & Grocery Shopping!

Last night Ang & Capella came over and we went to Chin Chins for diner and then went grocery shopping! Dinner was like we entered the twilight zone!!! The Food was GREAT, but our waiter SUCKED big time!!! It's always was fun hangin' with the girls and laughing. After dinner it was off to Ralphs to do a little grocery shopping!!! It was actually quite FUN! I broke out the little Canon A95 and we took a few photos.
IMG_4143 IMG_4134 IMG_4139 IMG_4144

IMG_4135 IMG_4141


Friday, July 14, 2006

Yeah....Tomorrow I get to take a shower!!

Tomorrow I get to take off the stocking and the bandages and take a shower! The knee is doing well so far, but I'm still taking the Vicodin. I tried to cut it down today, but It really started to hurt at about 8 hours not taking it, so I gave in and took another one.... We'll see how tomorrow goes.

The Day After!

Well, they surgery went very well and I'm getting pampered at my parents house! Mom's making all my favorite eats!!! I'm loin' it
Ok, pic #1 It the cooling unit the pumps a mixture of distilled water and alcohol through this pad that is wrapped around my knee. I love this thing!! No having to deal with ice!! It's the best!
Pic #2 my leg with the wrap around it with the tubes from the cooling unit.
Pic #3 My feetsies and the view from the recliner my ass will be parked in for the next few days!
Pic #4 The essentials...Vicodin, ginger ale, remote control & crackers!
Pic #5 The most comfy recliner!! It reclines all the way back flat and I even slept in it last night!!!
Oh! and the pictures were taken with my NEW Canon 50mm 1.8 lense! Natural light, no flash! I love it!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tomorrow's the BIG day!

Yup....After almost a year, I'm finally having surgery on my knee! I'll be leaving tonight to go to my parents house and they will be taking to the hospital in the morning! My surgery is scheduled for 8am, but I have to be there at 7! I'll try to blog again tomorrow or the day after!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Photo Shoot, Mani/Pedi's & Lunch!

Today was one of the most FUNEST days I’ve had in a long time!!! I got to spend the day with my AMAZING friend Araxi! We got together bright and early and had a little photo shoot in Old Town Pasadena. We found some of the BEST places! Thanks Araxi for scopin’ out that alley!!! It was da bomb!!! Before we started shooting, we stopped off at Starbucks to get a little bit of that liquid morning wake up!

After we finished shooting Araxi treated me to a little Spa Mani & Pedi! I was soooo lookin’ forward to this!!! So, there we both are sittin’ in our massage chairs, feet in the little whirlpool baths getting all relaxed. The 1st lady starts on my pedicure. Then another girl comes over to give me a manicure. She asked me if I wanted her to cut my nails. I told her “No” I like the length, they were all the same and I had just evened ‘em all out the other day when I took my polish off. Well she starts to cut my nails with the clippers. I looked at her and she says….oh, I’m just cutting the sides a bit not the length. Then I look at her again, then at my nails! What are you doing….You’ve just totally messed them up. Why are you cutting them like that?!?! Oh, they just looked a bit wide. What?!?! I said I didn’t want them cut! Now they are totally uneven…. Please get someone else over here to do my nails. Another lady comes over, I’m so sorry…I will defiantly have a talk with her. I don’t know why she wasn’t listening to you!! She totally F’ed up my nails….ARGH!!!! So another guy comes over to finish up…he wasn’t much better! It’s been about 10 hours since I got them done and the topcoat is already peeling off!!! I will never go back there again!!!

Then to top off the afternoon we went to lunch at the Yard House!!! They have the BEST iced tea! I can drink that stuff till my eyeballs start floating!!! I got my FAVORITE salad…The Seared Ahi Tuna salad! It is the BEST salad EVER!!! Overall it was a WONDERFUL day!!! Any day you get to spend with your friend is a good day!

Araxi, even though my nails got all F’d up I had a really GREAT time!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Soak Up the Summer Contest!

There's only a few more days left to get your LO's uploaded to the One Page at a Time Summer Contest Gallery!!! So far there are some amazing LO's, but I know how some of you are.... You're gonna upload at the last min!!! Hee hee hee.... Either was, make sure they are up by MIDNIGHT July 8th (PST). This is an AWESOME prize!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Three LO's in Six Hours!!!

Well, I got to Capella's at 10 am to scrap, but of course we did some shopping instead of scrappin'. We didn't really get started till about 4 o'clock. Took a little while to get going, but I'm really happy with the 3 I got done.