Saturday, July 08, 2006

Photo Shoot, Mani/Pedi's & Lunch!

Today was one of the most FUNEST days I’ve had in a long time!!! I got to spend the day with my AMAZING friend Araxi! We got together bright and early and had a little photo shoot in Old Town Pasadena. We found some of the BEST places! Thanks Araxi for scopin’ out that alley!!! It was da bomb!!! Before we started shooting, we stopped off at Starbucks to get a little bit of that liquid morning wake up!

After we finished shooting Araxi treated me to a little Spa Mani & Pedi! I was soooo lookin’ forward to this!!! So, there we both are sittin’ in our massage chairs, feet in the little whirlpool baths getting all relaxed. The 1st lady starts on my pedicure. Then another girl comes over to give me a manicure. She asked me if I wanted her to cut my nails. I told her “No” I like the length, they were all the same and I had just evened ‘em all out the other day when I took my polish off. Well she starts to cut my nails with the clippers. I looked at her and she says….oh, I’m just cutting the sides a bit not the length. Then I look at her again, then at my nails! What are you doing….You’ve just totally messed them up. Why are you cutting them like that?!?! Oh, they just looked a bit wide. What?!?! I said I didn’t want them cut! Now they are totally uneven…. Please get someone else over here to do my nails. Another lady comes over, I’m so sorry…I will defiantly have a talk with her. I don’t know why she wasn’t listening to you!! She totally F’ed up my nails….ARGH!!!! So another guy comes over to finish up…he wasn’t much better! It’s been about 10 hours since I got them done and the topcoat is already peeling off!!! I will never go back there again!!!

Then to top off the afternoon we went to lunch at the Yard House!!! They have the BEST iced tea! I can drink that stuff till my eyeballs start floating!!! I got my FAVORITE salad…The Seared Ahi Tuna salad! It is the BEST salad EVER!!! Overall it was a WONDERFUL day!!! Any day you get to spend with your friend is a good day!

Araxi, even though my nails got all F’d up I had a really GREAT time!


melissa said...

love all the pictures!-looks like a blast :) (besides that stupid girl messing up your nails)

Miss Carrie said...

Ick! I can't stand when the manicurist do what ever they want. And it's not like effed up nails are easy to grow back out. So sorry about that. But your photos rock :)

Araxi said...

I had a BLAST!!! Girl dont even get me started on the mani/pedis lol you may have gotten a f$&(# up manicure but I got a f#&*($# pedi she butchered my poor toe it was all red and swollen when I woke up this morning LMAO! Thanks for my pictures I absolutely LOVE them cant wait to scrapalap em!

cn51967 said...

Awesome photos of you and Araxi. You both look fantastic. Sorry about your nails, I have had that happen to me before and it sucks, AND can you fed ex some of that iced tea to Texas??? no, well darn it!

carol said...

Great pics of both of you!