Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm a Loser!!!

Yea, that's right.... I'm a loser!!! Of 4lbs.!!!! I started changing my eating habits about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I started Nutrisystem about a week ago. I'm really, really happy with the Nutrisystem food! It tastes GREAT! There hasn't been one thing that I haven't liked so for. The dinners are really yummy! I'm planning to stay on the Nutrisystem plan for at least 2 months and see how it goes. Drinking all that water has been hard for me, but as the days go on it's getting a bit easier. I've become a peeing machine and I'm not talking about 2peas!!! Hee hee hee....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love Note Journaling Block Winners

Here are the winners of the Love Notes journaling Blocks!!!

- Scrapcat
- Robyn
- Katrina
- Lana
- Nat

Please email me and I will get them out to you.....

Thanks to all the posted!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Smitten with a Kitten "Love Notes" Journaling Blocks

Just postin' a LO....
I will post tomorrow the winners of the Love Notes journaling blocks. You can still post to join in on the RAK! I'll pick 5 people!!!
Thanks for all the nice comments!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Feb. OPAAT Kit & Say What?! "Love Notes" Journaling Blocks & a RAK

These are My NEW "Love Notes" journaling blocks and they will be available for download
Post your name and email and I will be giving away a few of these digital journaling blocks.

February 2007 Product List:
1 Sheet Scrapworks Formal Affair "Hand Bag"
1 Sheet CherryArte Midnight Rouge "Twilight"
2 Sheets Doodlebug: "Dots & Daisies" and "Cupcake Blossoms"
4 Sheets KI Memories Wild Thing Collection: "Rosey", "Stripe", "Kisses", "Flutter"
7 Sheets Bazzill Cardstock (includes 1 heart shape scalloped- Red Hot)
1 Box Scrapworks Shimmer Shapes: Risky Business Font
1 Sheet KI Memories "Wild Thing" Tattoos Decorative Rub-Ons
1 Package Junkitz Newspaper Flowerz
3 Doodlebug Silk Flowers (colors & flowers may vary)
5 Doodlebug Paper Frills (colors & frills may vary)
20 Buttons (colors may vary to match)
3 Lil'Davis Tinseltown Chipboard Shapes (colors & shapes may vary vary to match)
3 Yards Ribbon (may vary to match)
6 Really BIG Bazzill Brads
1 Wood Door Hang

February 2007 Add-On Product List:
1 Chatterbox Woodcut Rub-Ons- Rosey
1 KI Memories "Wild Thing" Alpha Rub-Ons
1 Doodlebug Round Sequins- Bobby Socks Assortment
1 Creative Imaginations Narritaves Epoxy Stickers- Valentine
1 Me & My Big Ideas Soft Spoken- Valentine
9 Really BIG Bazzill Brads
3 Lil'Davis Vintage Wood Shapes (colors & shapes may vary vary to match)
1 Wood Plaque
2 Yards Ribbon (may vary to match)
1 Bottle Acrylic Paint- White

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nutrisystem... Yummy!

My Nutrisystem arrived today!!! WOW! I couldn't believe all the stuff in the box! It was so much fun to open!!! I ordered it through QVC last week. It was the TSV!!! Altogether with shipping is cost $177.00 for a 4 week supply of Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! The program that I am doing it the weekends off.
I wasn't going to start till tomorrow, but I needed to eat dinner and there wasn't anything else to eat, so I started tonight and I tried the Tender Beef with Veggies. As I was heating it up I was praying for it to taste good. Well, it was GREAT!!! I couldn't believe it!!

After dinner I decided to try one of the snacks. I chose the Chocolate Crunch Bar! It was soooo Yummy! I mean, really yummy! If everything else tastes as good as the two things I've had so far I'll be really happy!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Long Time No Blog......

Thank you to all that have sent me emails inquiring about how I've been doing. It really makes a girl feel good to know that people care. I've just been really busy with the holidays some personal stuff and work.
Christmas was GREAT! I spent Christmas Eve with my best friend and her family! I feel so blessed to have Susy and her family in my life. It's an amazing feeling to have a friend that would do anything for you and you for her. Susy's mom & dad made an amazing dinner and I even got some leftovers to take home!!

After Christmas Eve with the Shearer's & Fernandez's I always head over to my parents house to spend the night. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on my blog, but I have a younger sister that is mentally handicapped. She is only 2 years younger than me in age, but her mentality is probably about a 5 year old. So that being said, when I spend the night there for Christmas I always wake up on Christmas morning with my sister staring at me till I wake up. You know you can feel when someone is there looking at you...LOL! Well, she won't just wake me up...She'll sit in front of my face till I wake up!!! Hee hee hee.... I just love her... She gets so excited!

New Years Eve was also spent at Susy's house and again her parents cooked an AMAZING dinner!! It was a real mellow night, just a few close friends and family. We wore our PJ's and played board games and toasted in the new year TOGETHER!!!

Fast forward to now..... I made 1 new years resolution and that was to take care of ME! I made a doctors appointment for a complete physical, which I haven't had in a LONG time and I'm starting Nutrisystem. I'm really excited about this and my Foxy friend Paula is doing it too!!! Yeah for us!!! I like the fact that it's all measured out for me and I don't have to prepare anything. For me, it's not that I eat bad stuff.... It's that I don't eat breakfast, I have a late lunch and if I even eat dinner, it's usually way later that I should be eating! I know this will help me boost my metabolism. I'll let you all know how it's going!!!

Yesterday we had a birthday crop for Susy at the Memories store in Burbank! Not only was it her birthday, and we got to crop, but everything in the store was 40% off!! Well, lets just say I picked up a few things!!! Hee hee hee..... We had a GREAT time croppin' and I made some home made cupcakes for my girl for her birthday!!! Oh, and there's more to the cupcake story..... I don't usually do thing like this, but as I was getting ready to turn in to the parking lot at Memories and I realized something..... I forgot the DAMN cupcakes at home!!! Holy CRAP! I had to drive all the way home to get them and I don't live very close to the store!!! I had put them on the dinning room table when I was taking my scrap stuff to the car and forgot to go back to get them..... Argh......DUMB!!!

Lets see, what else is going on..... Oh, Susy, Ang, Margarita & I are going to a crop retreat with Karen Carter and a few other peas up in Big Bear!!! This was something I just could not pass up!!! It's not till May though.....But it's something to look forward to and believe me...I am!!!

So I guess all that is left is the LO's I've done..... Here are the ones I've done the past few weeks.

This BEAUTIFUL lady is my Mom @ age 19!

A few LO's with my friend Margarita and Angela.

This is a card I made for my Dad. It had a gift card in it for his favorite video game store. My dad is such a big kid.

The one on the left is my senior prom and the one on the right is of me & my silly family!