Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Do!

Well, I finally got my hair cut! My friend Zsofie, who has been cutting my hair for the last 3 years moved. She lived in my apt building and she used to cut my hair at home. Well, when she moved she said I could call her on her cell when I needed a hair cut. I tried calling her a few months ago and her cell # was changed. So, I had no way of reaching her.

Well, my friend Margarita said I should user her hair dresser. Zsofie only charged me $40 and that was for whatever I need....cut, color, highlights... anything!! Well, Margarita's hair dresser charges $65 for just a haircut. So, I sucked it up and went to him. It's a really nice salon and I figures... Margarita's hair looks great, I'm sure hes a great hair dresser. Well, this guy refused to cut my hair!!! What a freakin' PUSSY!!! He was actually afraid to cut my hair!!! I particularly love the look on Margarita's face when he said he couldn't do it!!! It was priceless!!! She said to him "Your joking, right?" and he said "No, I don't feel comfortable doing her hair"! WTF!

I was jut sitting in the chair getting really pissed off! I took the morning off of work to get my hair done and this guy is refusing to cut my hair! he then started asking the other hair dressers if they wanted to do my hair. This guy is a piece of work I tell you. I hope he never lives this down, cause I'm sure all the other hair dressers were laughing inside.

Luckily Art came to my rescue!!! He wasn't scared!!! Hee hee hee.... He's Latin and has 3 sister with thick hair. He said he could cut my hair, no problem!! It was funny, cause every time I would look in the mirror, I could see the other guy looking to see how it was going. Oh, and I kept calling him a scaredy cat! It was quite funny.

Any way, Art did a GREAT job!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol Gives Back *Challenge*

Who's donated? I just did!!! It's just so sad. I don't have a lot of extra money right now, but I just felt like I had to give what I could. I'm challenging everyone to donate whatever you can. Even if it's just $5, it helps. Seeing those childrens faces. It just kills me!
Click HERE to donate!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow! It's been a long time since my last post...

I've been so freakin' busy this past month that I haven't even had a chance to update my poor blog. So, I though I'd start it off with the NEW MAY KIT! Oh, and I must mention that the kit has an exclusive custom stamp set from Sassafras Lass!!!

The new OPAAT kit for May is so stinkin' CUTE!!! I'm sure it's gonna sell out so fast!

May Kit Product Listing:

8 Sheets patterned paper: NEW Sassafras Lass "Scrumptious" Collection:
Green Apple
Coconut Creme
Creme Brulee
Candied Apples
Sweet Confections
1 Sheet NEW Sassafras Lass "Scrumptious" Die Cut Monograms
1 Sheet Around the Block "What's Up" Patterned Paper
1 Set NEW Sassafras Lass Clear Stamps: 4 stamps in set: "Little Owl", "Stunning Spiral", "Big Top Mod Starburst" and "Sweet Girl Heart w/stripes". Custom set for OPAAT
5 Sheets Bazzill Cardstock
3 Yards American Crafts Ribbon- Midtown & Tie Rack Collections
1 Package Around the Block BIG Metal Brads "Stars & Flowers)
1 Sheet American Crafts Remarks Cardstock Stickers "Sotheby's" Font Color Set 1
6 American Crafts Flowers: Plastic & Felt (colors to vary per kit)

May 2007 Add-On Kit:

1 Bag NEW Around the Block Brads in a Bag "Corners & Doodles"
1 American Crafts Metallic Marker "Glacier" Medium Point
1 NEW Sassafras Lass "Scrumptious" Monogram Die Cut Sheet
1 Package NEW American Crafts Metal Photo Corners (color: Carrot)
1 Paper Mache Paint Can