Friday, September 30, 2005

Yeah Capella!

Woo Hoo Capella's little cuties Michael & Caitlin made the cover of the Memories community Magazine!! This issue is totally foxified!! You'll see Paula on page 72, Julie on page 73 and ME on page 77!!! Yeah Foxes!!! Lets see what happens for the next issue!

Handsome Guys!

This picture is just too cute not to post! They both look so handsome!

Laugh Till It Hurts

Just posting a LO I did tonight using the Rodeo digital scrapbooking kit from Citrus Blossoms!

4 x The Fun!

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Tonight Capella, Susy & I went to dinner with the kiddies....Afterwards we let the kids run around and play by the fountain outside the restaurant. They are a great little bunch of rugrats!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hangin' in Beverly Hills

Yesterday Michelle, Alex & I headed over to Paper Source in Beverly Hills. This store has such great stuff for book making! They also have stamps, some scrapbooking stuff and tons of stationary and invitation stuff! The only thing I bought was some really nice bookboard! I could have dropped tons of money in this store, but I just didn't "need" anything, so all I spent was $5.00! I think that is the least I've ever spent in any kind of craft store!! It's a miracle!

We also had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! Yummy! This is one of my most favorite restaurants! I had the Miso Salmon, which is FANTASTIC!!!!!

We told the waiter that it was Alex's birthday and he brought her a micro mini sundae!! LOL! It was literally one spoonful of ice cream!

After we left Cheesecake Factory we walked around Beverly Hills. We stopped at Tiffany's and did some window shopping.

Before we left we stopped at Sprinkles. It's a cupcake shop! Really cute, but not as good as I though it would be! especially for $3.25 each!!

Finally we took a nice ride home over Coldwater Canyon. We got back to my place at about 4 o'clock and turned on the news to find out that the fires have closed down the freeways and Alex and Michelle couldn't get home! The stayed at my place till about 7'oclock and then decided to brave the freeways, but didn't make it very far! They ended up meeting up with Michelle's hubby, who also couldn't make it home and had dinner. They eventually got home around 11:30pm! Yikes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A New Look

It's a blog make over!!! I get bored quite fast, but I'm really lovin' these colors!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bowling Anyone?

Yesterday was my friend Capella's son Michael's 6th birthday. She had it at the Pickwick Bowling Alley. It was so cute watching all the little ones bowl. It was also great hang out with my girls!!!

Saturday Night BBQ

What a GREAT day! Last Saturday morning we all went to the farmers market off of Fairfax and walked around for a while. Then my parents dropped me off at home to pick up my car. I relaxed a little while and then went over to my parents house where my Godfather was BBQing lamb chops!! I really don't like lamb, but those were sure good!!!

Vegas Baby

This month my Godparents (Ann & Ben) were here from NY for a visit! I hadent seen them for almost 3 years! Sept. 11th - 14th we went to Las Vegas! I had a really great time just hanging with my family! There was a little drama there, but not enough to spoil the trip!!

The day we got there (Sunday) was a lot of walking and eating!!! We went to the Paris hotel and had lunch at Mon Ami Gabi! It's one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas! I had a chicken & mushroom crape and escargot!!! Yup! I ate snails!! It was YUMMIE!!!

That night Ann and & went to see the Cirque Du Soleil "O"! Ann bought my a ticket for my birthday. She usually sends me money for my birthday, but she had called and asked if I'd like to go see that with her instead of the cash! She is soooo cute!! I just love her!!! Well, the show was just AMAZING!!! I've never seen anything like that! FANTASTIC!!! Now i want to see all the Cirque shows!!! It was like a total fantasy!! So beautiful! We had the best seats too...right smack dab in the middle of the stage....just perfect!

We got up bright and early every morning and went to Arizona Charlies fro breakfast. It's my parents favorite place to eat breakfast and it's soooo cheap!!!

I laid out by the pool for a few hours Monday and Tuesday by myself while the parental units gambled. I'm just not in to loosing money!! I had a really nice time and the pool at the Rio is just beautiful.

I have to say it was very tiring....We walked around quit a bit and my knee was not happy!

All in all it was a great trip and I had a wonderful time with my Godparents!

My Dad @ the Ethel M Factory Garden.
Mom & Dad @ the New Winn Hotel

The Scrapbooking Funk

I really haven't scrapped a lot in the last 2 months!! I've been really busy dealing with the car problems, Family and work. I think about scrapping a lot.....I always have these ideas and then I get excited to scrap, but when It comes down to it I just can't get motivated! What's the deal?!? I think in the past 2 months I've done 1 LO and 3 cards! Argh....

Work Is Getting Better

OK, so finally the inspection work is picking up! I took on another Inspection company a few months ago and in the beginning it was really hard for me to juggle 3 different companies, but now it's all starting to flow now that I'm familiar with all the paperwork.

Well that sucked!

Well, the car ended up costing me $2200.00 to fix!! Ouch, that really sucked! Especially when you don't have the extra money and you have to put it on a credit card! Oh well, what can you do!?!? I own the car and I didn't want to buy a new car ad have car payments for another 5 years....Hopefully that's the worst of it!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Argh...Can A Girl Get A Break!

OK, The day started out really nice...I had a few inspections to get done and I figured that they were both in Malibu so I would take a drive down to the beach this morning and get those done. Got down there and it was a beautiful morning and the properties that I had to inspect were both AMAZING!!! One was a beautiful house and the other was the most FANTASTIC horse ranch with eight cottages.

Well, here's where it all goes to HELL......My friend Susy & I had planned to go out and shoot some photos with our new cameras and lenses to get ready for a 20 year reunion shoot we are doing on Saturday.....So, I'm driving to Susy's house and I just get ready to turn the corner on to the street where she lives and BLAM! My car just dies! It Just turns off...and of course today's a holiday and all the auto shops were closed!!! I have soooo much work to get done before I leave for Vegas and now my car has to go in to the shop...... AGAIN!! It was just in the shop a few weeks ago for 4 days!!! WTF!!!

So tomorrow Susy (my lifesaver) is going to pick me up at 8:30am and were going to take my car to get fixed!!! My Dad thinks it might be the timing belt! Like I really have $300 to spend on getting my car fixed right now!!!

Calgon....take me away.....

Friday, September 02, 2005

The BIG Day!

Well, it's official...I'm now "35"! Last night we went to dinner at PF Changs! Damn! The food is soooooo good there....and those banana spring rolls are to die for! I'd like to thank my friend Jenn and her DH Jared for all they did for my birthday dinner!! You both rock!
To my best friend Susy and her amazing hubby Phil....I love you both with all my heart! You both made my day extra special!! You are the two most wonderful people I have even known. I look forward to many years of celebrations to come!!!
P.S. You both look AWESOME in this pic!! I love it!