Friday, July 14, 2006

The Day After!

Well, they surgery went very well and I'm getting pampered at my parents house! Mom's making all my favorite eats!!! I'm loin' it
Ok, pic #1 It the cooling unit the pumps a mixture of distilled water and alcohol through this pad that is wrapped around my knee. I love this thing!! No having to deal with ice!! It's the best!
Pic #2 my leg with the wrap around it with the tubes from the cooling unit.
Pic #3 My feetsies and the view from the recliner my ass will be parked in for the next few days!
Pic #4 The essentials...Vicodin, ginger ale, remote control & crackers!
Pic #5 The most comfy recliner!! It reclines all the way back flat and I even slept in it last night!!!
Oh! and the pictures were taken with my NEW Canon 50mm 1.8 lense! Natural light, no flash! I love it!!!


cara said...

Glad your surgery went okay. I sure hope you're feeling good with that vicotin! My dad and brother both had knee surgery last year and they had that cool ice chest pump thingy.

Feel better and enjoy some relaxation time!

Adrienne said...

Glad your surgery went well...enjoy your meds! They were created by God for us! LOL, I have a 50mm and love it too! take care of yourself!

Araxi said...

Awwwwwwwwww muffin!!!!! Cute pedicure ;) Glad you are feeling ok. I will be seein ya when you are home *MUAH*

jill s said...

knee surgery is NO fun! [had 4 before i turned 20!]

hope you feel better quickly!

listen to those darn physical therapists...even though it helps.

hugs, jill

Wendy Reed said...

Ahhhh...... you poor thing!!! Lovin' the pedi toes! LOL

cn51967 said...

So glad that your surgery went well and that you have your parents taking care of you!

Plastic said...

So glad you are doing well.
That cooling unit does look handy.
Oh, and I so want your camera - I am suffering from a lil bit of camera envy.