Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Practiced Being A "Mom"!...

For the past 24 hours I had my best friend Susy's Children, Nathan 4 and Kaitlin 8. Susy & her hubby, Phil are celebrating their 12th year wedding anniversary this Monday and her DH took her to Vegas for a romantic weekend! I hope they are having the BEST time!!!

No one could watch the kiddies all weekend, so we all took turns! I had them from Friday morning till about noon on Saturday. I picked up Nathan & Kaitlin and we went over to my other dear friend Crystles house to hang out by the pool! I was determined to tucker those kids out so that they would zonk right out when they went to bed! We spend about 5 hours in the pool and the kids all had a great time.

On the way home from Crystle's we stopped off at Ralphs market to get something to eat for dinner and for the ingredients to make Rice Crispy Treats. I asked the munchkins what they wanted to eat for dinner and they both wanted fish sticks! Well, that was easy..... So, we got all our goodies and headed to my place.

Once we got to my apartment, all the kids wanted to do is play with my kitties Riley & Zoe. I let them play for a little while and then it was bath time!!! Hee hee hee...That was fun!!! Needless to say, I got all wet!!! We finished up in the bath and then I set them up on the sofa and they watch some cartoons while I cooked dinner. They were both perfect little angels.....They ate all their dinner...I was shocked...I didn't even have to bribe or threaten them! LOL!!!
After Dinner they played a little more and watched a bit more TV. About an hour later Nathan said he wanted to go to bed and about 5 min. after that Kaitlin wanted to go to bed too....I tucked them both in to bed and they both slept through the night.

The next morning those little rugrats woke me up at 6:50am!!! Argh....LOL!! I set them Up in my room with the Cartoon Network and they were content for another hour. At around 8am we ate breakfast! After breakfast I gave Nathan a haircut...It was gettin' way too long and I know his mom will be happy about that!! While I was spiking Nathan's hair, he said to me "You're doing a really great job"! I just about mealted!! After I finished up with his hair, we brushed teeth, got dressed and packed their stuff up!
I made them do a toy check to make sure they got everything! I didn't want to find a Teen Titan when I went to bed tonight!!!
I called Marissa at 10:30am and she was still asleep!! Must be nice!! We'll see what time they wake you up tomorrow morning!!! Hee hee hee.... I told Marissa tocall me back when she was awake and that there was no rush...I was having a great time with them!

We went downstairs to play for a little while before we had to meet Marissa and I got a few cute shots of them!! They are both so photogenic!!
I met Marissa at Susy's House to make the exchange.....I handed them off to their Marissa and we took the kids to Burger King for a quick lunch.
All in all it was a perfect day....


Bucket said...

Augh Susy has great kids. I'm glad you had a good time!


Araxi said...

Awwww Toni sounds like you did an awesome job. Ok so Nick and I want to go to Vegas next month are you available? Do you do diapers? LOL Great job on your mommy day mira!

Wendy, Fragrant Blade said...

yeah. are you available??? LOL! I'm glad it went well. They're such wonderful kids. beautiful pictures, btw!! -wendy

Megan said...

Oh, sounds like a cool day Toni! Anytime you want my two feel free :o)

They are looking so grown up now! Where has the time gone!