Monday, November 21, 2005

Scrap Room Update...

Well, I finally got rid of the daybed that I had in my office/scrap room!!! Now I have two separate areas....One for work and the other for scrapbooking. I just needed to separate the two cause it was always a mess and when I needed to do my work my scrapbooking stuff was all over my desk. Yeah...It's all clean now!!!

So, on to my "SCORE" of the day!!! I got home and there was this cool shelf near the dumpster of the apartment next to mine. I thought that someone was painting it or something, cause it was natural wood. Then a few hours later I went down to check the mail and it was still there, but now it was pushed over between the two dumpsters. Well then I knew someone threw it away. Well that baby went right up to my office/scrap room!!! It was perfect!!! Just what I needed!!!


Araxi said...

holy crap what a great find!!! Your room looks awesome!!!! Soooooo jealous!