Saturday, December 03, 2005

Day to Create III Count Down!

Well, the DTC III is a little over a month away and we're are so excited!!! There are only 5 seats left and I'm sure they will go fast..It's getting down to the wire....Those of you that are still on the fence about it, ya better act fast cause those seats could go quick!!! Since that holidays are coming you could always ask for the DTC III class as one of your holiday gifts!!! Just give you DH's a little hint!!! Hee hee hee....

The last 2 DTC classes sold out and were sure this one will too.... Tena and Carol always have the BEST projects for the classes and will be teaching the latest and greatest techniques in scrapbooking and altering projects.

Here's a little sneak peek at 2 of the 3 projects we will be doing in class!!!

Oh, and lets not forget all the wonderful prizes Tena & Carol give throughout the day!! Everyone wins something!!