Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol

I just love Katherine! I'm hoping she goes all the way! She is my one of my favorites and is definitely one of the best singers on the show.

Cute Cute & more Cute!!!! I'm lovin' Ace! Can't wait to hear him sing tonight! He's another one that will definitely make the top 12! Oh, he is just yummy!!!

OK, I really hope that this chick(Brenna) gets booted off the show tomorrow night!!! She just has too much attitude...It's really obnoxious! Does she not get it? People have to vote for her and with her attitude, who's gonna vote for her! It's so not cute! I just can't take much more of her.


Erin said...

I agree with you 100%!

Araxi said...

Ok now I know who she is!! I cant STAND her!!!!! Love all your picks but Im partial to Taylor Hicks I love the little "seizure" dance he does. lol