Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Productive Day....

Today was a pretty productive day. I got up this morning did some work on the computer for a while, Went over to my friend Gingers house to pick some new scrap goodies, went to the grocery store, did some laundry, cleaned up my bedroom & put up some new little lights on my patio. I just love how they look. I took a picture with my new 30D!!! Love that camera!!!


yezenia said...

Ooh la la...all you need is bottle of wine. Or a joint.

cn51967 said...

Ooh, very pretty! Love your patio.

Susy said... did such an awesome job on your patio...I LOVE IT!!! :)

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said... what the first poster said!!! LOL!! enjoy your patio!