Friday, August 11, 2006

Snow Patrol....AMAZING!

This whole Album is AMAZING!!! And this song.....Oh, I love it!

Chasing Cars (Grey's Anatomy Cut)
By Snow Patrol


Sophia C. said...

I bet I've watched this fifty times over the past few weeks. I LOVE it! It's my little daily fix of Grey's Anatomy! The song is awesome too, but it's Patrick that I keep watching! ;) Have a super day.


Traci Matkoski said...

The Scrapjazz crop was a blast! If I remeber correctly you are in Southern CA? I use to live there but we visit often because my husband and I both have family there. Don't you have a group of ladies that get together to scrapbook? It would be cool if I was down there when you guys meet. Could I join even though I live up here (Northern CA)?

Once learn how to add links I will add your blog to my list of fav on my blog.

I just signed up for high speed internet so now I can down load your digital goodies!


PS: I love this song!!! I am going to get the album today! I also love Grey's Anatomy.

melissa said...

yep I have watched this video probably over 20 times already. I love the song and I love Grey's! ;)

Jane said...

Love this program, just finished watching an episode (we are a bit behind here in Spain). BTW I love your scrapping style.

SmileyCarrie said...

I love this show... can't wait 'till the premier!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »