Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Cute LIL Christmas Trees

I just love this little tree I got at Michael's! It's all made out of feathers! It's just so pretty! I didn't want a real tree, cause I didn't want to have to deal with taking care of it and getting rid of it after the holidays. With this lil beauty, I can just put it back in it box and be done with it! Hee hee hee..... Oh, and how cute are those little pink aluminum trees?!?!?!


jilly said...

Toni - I finally found your blog!!! Woo Hoo!!! The tree looks just gorgeous - you are such a clever girl!

Jessica said...

this is soooo cute!! i'm hoping to snag a black tinsel christmas tree after they go on sale at the end of the year!


Jill Deiling said...

WOW, your tree has got to be the coolest one ive ever seen!!

Elizabeth said...

What fun and cute trees!! Very cheery!!!