Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Very, Very BAD Blogger!

I know, I know...I've been a really bad blogger! Life has just been so busy! I need more hours in the day, more day's in the week, more weeks in the months and more months in the year! Where does the time go! I just don't get it! Years seemed so freakin' long when were were kids, but as adults they just fly by! It needs to STOP!

What have I been up to..... Working my regular jobs, filling my Etsy orders, designing for Magistical Memories and as if that wasn't enough, starting a monthly paper crafting kit club! We are working on our June kit! It's a lot for FUN, but also a lot of work! This will be our 6th kit and we are finally finding our nitch! Our last 3 kits have SOLD OUT!! Yeah!

Oh, I'm also going to New York & Connecticut next week with my friend Crystle! I'm so FREAKIN' excited! Were going to visit family! I will be spending a week with my Godparents and then I will go to Connecticut for a few days to visit with Crystles family! I so can NOT wait! We are going to have a GREAT time!


christine said...

Hi Toni!!!!
Wow am I actually the very 1st person to post a comment!! I am a HUGE Magistical Mameories fan!! I love going to their web site. I was wondering about the kits..do they come with instructions???
I so know what you mean about when we were kids and how a year would feel like 3 years long....now just a the course of a day feels like only a few hours for me as a mom!! I can't imagine have the busy lifestyle that you have!! Enjoy your trip and your family and friends!!
Christine in PA

Frank said...

Love Magistical Memories...and the new Crystal Clear stuff is so easy to work with...I used the ice cream cone...great stuff.



Jill Deiling said...

hey i was wondering why you havent been blogging! it sounds like youve been super busy. i hope you and crystle have lots of fun on your trip! :)