Friday, October 14, 2005

Ribbon Wrap from Magistical Memories!

Woo hoo...Yeah Crystle!

They are now available on the site! It’s my friend Crystle's company . They come in a multi pack of 20, 5 of each size for $5.95 and then additional packs of 10 in each size. The packs of 10 are $2.95. Each ribbon wrap measures 6in x 3in. for easy storage. They fit perfectly in the Art Bins Satchel and the Iris bins too. There's also a hole on each end so that you can carry them on a ring! The come in 4 sizes for the ribbon...1/2in., 3/4in., 1in. & 1 1/2in.

I just love it!! I used to have them on the cute wooden clothes pins, but it was getting’ way to heave to carry around. This is MUCH lighter and easy to see all the colors!