Monday, October 17, 2005

Yeah...I got my NEW Bed!

I've been wanting this bed for so long and now it's mine!!! I had to sell my old bed before I could by the new one, cause I had nowhere to store it. One of my Foxy friends, Wendy told me about this site called Craig's List! This site is FANTASTIC!!! I sold my bed in less than a week to this really nice guy. It was a Rustic Pine bed and he bought it for his new ranch he's building.....must be nice...Hee hee hee...He loved the bed and said it was just what he was looking for, so I'm happy it went to a nice person!!

So, back to the NEW bed!! Isn't it cute!!! It matches my wrought iron chairs perfectly!!! Tonight will be my 1st night sleeping in it! I washed all my bedding and it smells yummy!!!


islandgirl said...

Hey there! I followed the link here from LM! I love your bed, but that pine one sounds neat too!