Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Foxy Holiday Pajama Party Crop!

Well, this past Saturday was our Foxy Holiday Party!! The girls opted to do a crop instead of our normal Holiday Party and it turned out to be a lot of fun!!!! Everyone wore their cute PJ's an we had a whole day of fun and scrapbooking! We did our holiday gift steeling game and it was sooooo funny! There were some really GREAT gifts! I got a $25 Old Navy gift card!!! Ya can't go wrong with Old Navy!!!

Paula, Araxi & Myself all bought the same pj's at Target!!! They are Nick & Nora "Sock Monkey" PJ's!!! I just love them!! Oh, and they are so comfy!!!


Araxi said...

Love the pics Toni but can you change the font color I cant read anything mira! :) Those PJs are ultra comfy I wore them at home the other day LOVE EM!

Araxi said...

Thank you :)