Friday, May 05, 2006

iPod vs MP3 Jukebox

I've been spending a lot of time loading all my CD's on to my computer and reorganizing what's already on there. This is a HUGE undertaking and I didn't think it was going to be so time consuming! I've probably uploaded about 100 CD's over the past week alone.

I had an MP3 player that had music on an it and it was all jacked up! Most of the stuff was in the unknown file, there weren't any genre's listed...It was just a mess. That's when I started this project. I went back, opened everything in windows media player and added all the info.! Now every album is in is own folder with the artists name and a picture of the album cover shows on the folder! It's AWESOME! Also, all the tracks have ALL the info on them.

Now to the next delima! My MP3 player was not working and I took it back to Costco and I was going to order another one online. When I got to the store they had the new video iPod. I called my friend Capella and asked her about it cause she has one and she talked me in to gettin' it.... Well, when I got home and installed the iTunes software it wanted to convert all my files. this took forever!! Capella even come over cause I was o frustrated!!! It was duplicating songs and all kinds of things. When I put the songs on to the iPod there were some songs that were on there 2 or three times! So I'm going to return the iPod and get the Phillips MP3 Jukebox!

Yeah, the iPod plays Videos, but I'm really not gonna watch a movie on a 2 inch screen. So that is not a big deal to me. The MP3Jukebox also has FM radio tuner, voice recorder and it works off of windows media player so all that work I did organizing all my stuff will work with the Jukebox. It wasn't with the iPod. I would have had to add all the album covers in individually so that they would shoe on the iPod and I was not about to do that!
So it's buh bye i Pod, hello Jukebox!


Sophia C. said...

I'm so ready to do this but I'm mortified! My biggest fear is that I'll get the IPOD and not know what to do with it. Glad that you've found something you are satisfied with. I'm making a note of it! Have a fun weekend and good luck on getting the rest of your music switched over!


Corinnexxx said...

I so do not listen to music that much even though I like it. and I so love your 2 lo;s in the last post!


melissa said...

oh I love how it organized all your music with the album covers picture etc! how cool

I love my mini ipod..and wont be trading it for the new ipod any time soon. it was too much work figuring this ipod out the 1st time. lol. glad you found one that works best for you :)