Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sweetpeas & Snapshots, Downtown Shoppin', Tacos & Turtles

Today was one of those last minute fun days! I called Ang and asked her is she wanted to hang out today. She said she couldn't hang all day cause she was going to a football game with her BF. So we were just gonna get together in the early afternoon and hang for a while. Well, about a half hour later she called me back and said she her roomie was gonna go with Scott to the game and we would have to watch her daughter. That was totally fine with me cause Julia is such a sweetie!!! So the three of us were off to spend the day doin' what girls do best....SHOPPING!!!! Yeah!!!

First we headed to Portos, a Cuban bakery/cafe and pigged out on some AMAZING food. Right after that we made our way over the hill to Sweetpeas & Snapshots! This store is so amazingly CUTE!!! I had recently got in contact with the ever so talented Suzi Finer and when I found out she was running that store, I had to get my butt over there and visit!!! I'm ever more excited that Suzi had joined out little group the Foxy Croppers!! She is SUPER Foxy!!!

Here are a few pics of the store!!!

I just love this little purse journal!! I is just too stinkin' CUTE!!!! I so want to take a class for this!

After hanging out with Suzi and catching up for a bit we headed back in the opposite direction Downtown!!! Ang & I wanted to get some rhinestones from the wholesale district. Well, we found rhinestones GALORE!!! So many pretty colors!! Can't wait to use'em!!!

Well, when you're Downtown you have to have TACO right off the street from the street vendors!!! OMG!! Those were the BEST TACOS!!!!

Last but not least were the turtles!!! Julia has been wanting a little pet, so on our way Downtown we called her mom and asked if it was ok if Julia got a pet turtle.....she said YES!!! Yeah for Julia!! She was so excited!! She actually ended up with 2 for only $8!!! They even came in this cute little pink aquarium with pink rocks and a little tree!!!


Jennifer Stewart said...

WOW, that store looks incredible!! Would love to go there someday. :)

And to answer your question...California isn't on my list for teaching, but I'll be sure to check out some store there as a possibility! :)


melissa said...

wow that store looks awesome-thanks for taking pictures so that I can enjoy the store here in Arizona ;)

those tacos look yummy..oh man now I'm hungrey. lol

Megan said...

Man! Another great day Toni!! I can't believe you got 2 turtles for $8! That is awesome. The store looks amazing, I bet you could spend ages there! And Ang looks terrific. I am trying to talk her into coming to visit me, I need a american fix :o)

Jenn said...

The store seems really cool and just the name is so cute!!

Lorrie said...

What could be better than a day with friends, a new scrapstore and a turtle in a pink aquarium? I love the shabby chic-ness of the store!

Cammeron said...

you're so lucky to have such a great little store!

Mindy said...

looks like a ton of fun! I wish I had a store that cute near me.

Corinnexxx said...

wow that store looks sooooo darn cute!


*Fauve* said...

WOW that whole store looks just too cute!!

amber said...

mmmmm I want a taco!!! :)