Friday, February 02, 2007

Wow, What a week!!!

Now I finally have some time to post!!!

Ok, CHA was a freakin' blast!!! Had a GREAT time!! Got there early Sunday morning and walked less than half the floor that day!! Were were just soooooo so TIRED from waking up early that morning!!! Everyone that we met was just super nice and we did a lot of GREAT make-n-takes! REALLY REALLY CUTE ONES!!!

Sunday evening we went to the 2Peas Ice cream Social!! That was cool! We got to meet a ton of the pub girls and Garden Girls... I talked to Tara Whitney for a while about HOT spots to shoot at and took some pics with her!!! She's too cool! I totally look like a munchkin in most of the pictures!! Everyone is so tall!!! We met Amy Butler and I swear, she was 2 feet taller that me!!! LOL!! The 2Peas get together was FUN!!!

My girl Margarita kept us up till 1:30am!!! It was just hysterical!!! We were laughing so hard and goofin' around, you'd a thought we were 15 years old!!! Too funny! Needless to say gettin' up the next morning wasn't fun!!!

After getting ready, we headed back over to the convention center again to finish off the rest of what we didn't see. I have to say once again, KI's Love Elsie was my FAVORITE and I think it was the best designed booth too!!! The new stamps are FANTASTIC and so inexpensive!!!! I just LOVE them!!!!! Next to that was the Sassafras Lass and the NEW Doodlebug Sugar Coated cardstock!!! OMG!!! It is AMAZING!! I mean really, really AMAZING!!!! Lots of GREAT stuff to see and I can already feel the money flying out of my bank account.

We headed home Monday night after the convention and got a GREAT nights sleep. We were exhausted!

The next morning (Tuesday) Ang & I decided to go back to the CHA convention and meet up with the ever so FOXY Christina Padilla!!! I'm so glad we did! That girl is just AWESOME!!! We hooked up after the convention closed and headed over to Scrapbook Oasis. We got there at about 6 o'clock and did a lil' shoppin'! I also meet Wendy Reed!!! Wendy was on the One Page at a Time DT and it was great to meet her IRL!

After Oasis we went to dinner at Outback. What a AWESOME night. Great friends, good food and tons of LAUGHS! After we finished dinner we had a little impromptu photo shoot outside, behind Joes Crab Shack. Too much fun!!

Thanks girls for such a FANTASTIC time!!!


Nat said...

Oh how cool - thanks for all the pictures and you met two of my favorite people- LOL - Wendy Reed and Celine Navarro! Ahhh the jalousy - :-) Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Christina Padilla said...

omg toni!!

dude your pictures take me back....remmber the workers at Joe's crab shack bustin' in on the photo fun! Send me that funny!

You guys were the bomb! Super cool and we need to hook up again foshizz!!

Lisa said...

Love the photos of you foxy supastarz! GREAT shots. Sounds like you had a ton of fun!